Unique, in every sense of the word. Hands down, the most personalized relationship-based building experience offered in our native Austin, TX. We attend every design & selection meeting, large or small, methodically orchestrating detailed project plans via our patented pre-construction processes, with zero disconnect between office & field. In terms of health conciseness & overall sustainability practices, we are without question the Whole Foods of our industry. When it comes to service, VIP treatment is all we know. While remaining client based, our ever evolving design style is termed "Common-sense Contemporary" timeless, agile, intuitive, fresh, and free flowing. We are artists with child like imaginations, unrestricted, confident, fun, & creative; full of ideas & opinions, but never overbearing or wasteful.

Like Yoda, emotional intelligence comes easy to us; so does communication in all forms including verbal, visual, & written. We hold black belts in building science, & stay connected to other industry leaders throughout the world. Technologically, we're aggressive & cutting edge, including being fully BIM capable. Our positive energy & competitive culture is contagious, drawing the absolute best talent around from top to bottom, especially our in-house finish team.

During our first decade of existence, we've have had the pleasure of building some of the most stunning healthy, happy, & harmonious spaces this city has ever seen; subtly & consistently providing their inhabitants with a beautiful thing: the ideal state of mind. And let me tell you, that's what you want.
Assuming a good fit, we'd love to be your build partner, if you can wait for us that is...
Currently taking clients for pre-construction services in '17, but backlogged for project starts until '18.

-Design+Build or Just Build (w/ an outside architect)
-Custom Homes & Whole House Renovations
-Commercial Tenant Finish-Out
-Historic Restorations